About Us

KZAI, Inc is a business solution company.  We provide software service in the domain of Business Intelligence & Analytics. We assist companies improve their Performance by effective use of latest cutting-edge technology like Genetic Algorithm, Heuristics, Artificial, Intelligence, and Neural Networks.   Thus increase ROI without adopting sever cost cutting measure through downsizing and divesting.  Our tools and systems help clients optimize their processes and minimize their expenses.  AN increase in ROI is imminent.

We help the manufacturing and Services organizations with their Logistics & Supply Chain Management programs, which accelerate their performance.  KZAI, Inc have developed an Optimization engine, KZAI-Engine by combining the talents of manufacturing professional experts with operations research scholars from leading Institutes.   

KZAI-Engine makes it possible to overcome the obstacles of implementing advanced Optimization techniques in almost every areas of Business Operations where people were previously unable to manage their resources against activities with Multiple dependencies & constraints.  The KZAI-Engine rightly configured enables various Manufacturers & Service Providers to identify, understand reduce sources of variability.  KZAI, Inc helps optimize, execute, monitor, and analyze large size operations.



Our mission is to modernize small, medium and large corporation’s business processes.  Allow the their managements and decision makers do the business while our KZAI-Engine and other system-tools take care of the processes.  KZAI, Inc's is dedicated to overcome the obstacles of implementing advanced process techniques in manufacturing environments like the Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Industrial products, Discrete Manufacturing, Textiles and Apparel, Metal and Steel Industries. 

KZAI, Inc is helping national and international corporations eliminate wastage and continuously improve efficiencies tied to production and customer demand.  KAZI Inc helps manufacturers & service Providers use advanced Technologies incorporating Genetic Algorithm, Heuristics, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks & various other combinatorial Techniques through KZAI-Engine to significantly accelerate the performance of their manufacturing & service operations.   

Market Opportunity


Across the entire world, Companies focus has shifted to improving Manufacturing Performance, which is identified as a key element in their competitive differentiation. It is a important parameter that measures and predicts business performance and signals the survival of the fittest and leanest, ensuring superior customer service. It started with emphasis on quality where quality certifications Like Six-sigma, kaizen,ISO-9000 became the Industry standard.

Survival in today's economy requires techniques that eliminate wastage, continuously improve efficiencies tied directly to customer demand. Until now it's been difficult to implement these methodologies in highly manufacturing/service environments. As organizations shift their business models operating strategies toward a performance-driven supply chain, KZAI, Inc. provides users the opportunity to outpace competition by lowering inventory costs, reducing cycle times improving on-time delivery, reducing redundancy in resources, better Demand Planning & Market Forecast which finally boils down to better utilization of resources for set activities within limited scope, constraint in almost every environment that any Business organization operates.

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