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Management of the company consists of  people with seasoned expertise in IT, business and finance.  The team members have been instrumental in managing multiple growing ventures in the past. We are in search of several highly motivated hands-on mid-manager from Financial Institutions and SMEs sector. We are also in lookout for motivated account executives. Our current team brings national and international work and business acumen, network and resources that are vital for the company's differential competitive advantage.

Ryan Baidya, PhD., MBA, 
Chairman & President
Dr. Baidya, an entrepreneur, founded several business entities in USA that includes BioZak, Inc., BioZak Botanical, and KZAISOFT. Currently developing business in India in the high-tech and financial domain. His early venture in Durgapur was AKROTECH Corporation operated as an out-sourcing entity. He is co-founder of KZAI FINANCETM.

Dr. Baidya serves as advisor to several technology-based companies, e.g., CEMAC corp, India, BCI ltd, Japan, and Titan corp. USA, GoldenEmbry, India. Dr. Baidya graduated with an MS from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur; received his doctoral degree from the University of California, USA and an MBA from the State University of California, San Jose. 

Mukesh Kumar, BA (NIIT)
VP Information Technology
Mr. Mukesh Kumar has over 6 years of experience in Information Technology including web designing, graphic designer. He was also involved in web site concept development requirement Analysis, designing, scripting, and publishing. Mr. Kumar is an entrepreneur and operated an outsourcing business prior to joining KZAI FINANCE.

Pranab K. Majumdar, LME
VP Engineering (Structural) 
Mr Pranab Kr. Majumdar has 20+ years of hands-on experience in structural engineering and business development in various projects. We has worked at L&T.

Later he build CEMAC, a structural engineering company, which was sold to AKROTECH an IT company of USA. He has developed an extensive network of people and business entities. Mr. Majumdar brings a rich business acumen to the organization. He also has over 7 years of experience in Marketing of IT-related services. He was also been instrumental in launching and operating entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ruma Dutta, MBA, 
Director Marketing and Business Development
Ruma Dutta is an entrepreneur who brings new thinkings and business mix in an environment that poised for growth and success. She has acquired a rich micro-cultural understanding of people all through India due to her upbringing in multi-regional environment in India. Furthermore, her people-skill has seasoned through her early professional interaction with the management from USA entities, teaching and counseling mature business professionals. She is a co-founder of KZAI FINANCETM

She developed a multi-revenue source model for her career being a harder working no-nonsense business professional. Her professional experience includes ICICI Prudential, Institute of Hospitality Management, and AKROTECH Software/IT Service Corporation. Ms Dutta simply follows "just do it" doctrine). She believes in sustainable businesses that are supported by revenue models - only.

Arindam Guha
Director of Max & Media



Ryan Baidya, PhD., MBA, 

Miyuki Shiratani, MBA
Ms. Miyuki Shiratani has 7+ professional experience in International Marketing and PR. She worked at Sharp Corp., Japan, and BioZak, Inc. USA in multiple aspect of the business that includes marketing and sales. She received her MBA from the State University of California, USA. She received her BA in Osaka, Japan.

Mukesh Kumar

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